John Ryther

John Ryther, principal of IPD, has over 35 years of experience in the design, rehabilitation, and construction observation of both passive and active recreational facilities in communities throughout the region.  IPD has completed dozens of pedestrian/bicycle facilities, parks, urban open spaces, and streetscapes throughout New England.  ICON’s extensive experience in park design includes Canal Basin Park in Hollidaysburg, PA where the story of an inland seaport is revealed in the landscape.  Whenever possible the firm’s designs include story lines that draw upon the history of the community, and capture a unique sense of place, thus adding another dimension of enjoyment to each project.


About IPD

ICON parks design (IPD) was created eleven years a go to provide responsive landscape design services to clients for signature, streetscape, bikeway, park, and playground design services.  ICON parks design, directed by John Ryther, ASLA, seeks challenging projects whose implementation can make a difference in the public environment, and is committed to providing designs that are safe and accessible to all.  John brings with him a tradition of seeking wide public involvement as a means to achieve consensus results.   His philosophy of applying workable, cost-effective solutions to address problems and facilitate equal opportunity for all persons with disabilities is evident in all of his projects.

Our Approach to Design

We approach the design of each of our public space projects with the premise that these spaces must become an integral part of the community, places that the neighborhood identifies with and claims as its own. For this to occur we rely heavily upon input from the public meeting process to understand the community’s needs and aspirations for the site. We discuss our approach to design, which builds upon the history, or more precisely, the stories that make the community unique and dear to its inhabitants. Anyone can design a path from point “A” to point “B’ and do it with clarity, and some can even do it with grace. Typical results of such a design will result in a path that could be anywhere in the world. ICON’s approach to the design of the path would include all of the functionality of the typical design process but adds one or more of the following: a liberal dash of imagination, a pinch of humor, or a story or two to remind us where we are or where we are heading.